Boy Kills World: the trailer shows the first images of Bill Skarsgård in the terrifying role!

Boy Kills World: the trailer shows Bill Skarsgard in the role of a bloodthirsty and terrible killer!

Image Credit: Lionsgate Films

The cinematic landscape is preparing to eagerly welcome Boy Kills World, an impactful thriller that sees Bill Skarsgård's star shine in the central role. In the recent trailer, we are led through the critical moments that will trigger the protagonist's revenge, presenting fragments of a fight as ferocious as it is spectacular

Boy Kills World: A Terrifying and exciting trailer

Moritz Mohr's skillful direction guides the viewer through the growth path of the character played by Skarsgård, who, under the guidance of an enigmatic mentor, prepares to face a family tragedy. His main goal focuses on revenge against the family of murderers who triggered the tragic course of his life.

The cast, enriched by figures such as Jessica Rothe, Brett Gelman, Famke Janssen, Michelle Dockery, Yayan Ruhian, Sharlto Copley, and Andrew Koji, contributes to outlining a picture of great cinematic relevance. The film, expertly produced by Sam Raimi, is destined to arouse the attention of the public starting from April 26th. The gripping plot, conceived by Arend Remmers and Tyler Burton Smith (Kung Fury: The Movie), promises a cinematic experience of considerable depth. Prepare to immerse yourself in an epic of intensity and drama.

Here is the trailer of the film:

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